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Thanks a ton for getting the drawings back so fast!- The details you have been drawing are very good. I am very happy with your work.

- Jeffrey Lewis

The drawings are great. Please send us the invoice.

- Samuel Keith

The drafting was also turned around in a very short time which I appreciate very much.

- Denny Lanigan

Excellent work.

- Patrick Irwin

Drawings looked great.

- Adriane Balliet

The sample drawing looks to be fine. I'm happy with the quality provided and will keep your company in mind for drawings conversion / services work...

- Edward Monahan

Once again thank you for your hard work over these last few days. It has helped a lot on our end and we were able to finish the projects on time.

- Chuck Fischer

Thanks for your work on the Jimenez project, it turned out very well.

- Debra Sarokin

Construction Documents Services - Quality Construction Drawings

We are committed to provide better quality structural CAD services. We not only provide support with structural design, analysis, drafting and detailing but also with preparation of quality construction documents and structural drawings.

Sample Work:

Front Elevation

Construction Framing Plan

Construction Open Court Yard

Construction Floor Plan

Structural Steel Sizes

Here is a brief on our construction documents preparation services:

  • Structural Drawings supported by design calculation
  • Foundation Plan with footing and column schedules
  • Structural framing layouts with decking, joist, trusses and Steel/R.C.C , Composite and pre-stressed structures
  • Roof Truss and Joist details
  • Blown up connection details
  • Pre-stressed structure drawings
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete/Steel Chimney, Bunkers, Silos, Underground and overhead water-tanks
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete/Steel Detail erection layout with member and assembly numbering
  • Element elevations with detailed connection drawings
  • Longitudinal section of individual element with bolt, cleat, plate location and details
  • Bill of materials for steel shop drawings
  • Quantity estimation with measurement sheet
  • Bar Bending schedule as per relevant standards
  • Tendon profile with co-ordinate for Post Tensioned slabs

Our efforts are geared towards serving you comprehensively and efficiently. By simplifying your construction documents, we offer you an increasing range of solutions to support all phases of your structural engineering process. Our construction documents reflect superior-quality structural CAD solutions, construction structural drawings.

We are familiar with the structural design code requirements and deliver outputs that confirm exactly to the specifications provided by you. Our construction documents experts make sure that you have clear information about critical construction area as well as other important details such as quantity of materials and expected finished product.

With excellent infrastructure resources and an expert staff of experienced structural engineering professionals, we can manage challenges of complexity, volume and time with ease and efficacy. You can rest assured of accountability, flexibility, transparence and efficiency in our construction documents services management and delivery.

Your benefits are many - access to technical expertise, enhanced quality outputs, low turnaround time, flexible project management and significant savings.

Save 60% on your project cost by outsourcing Construction Documents Services related requirements to Contact Us.

Request FREE quotes on basis of Sheet/Man-hour/Offshore division or connect with our Engineer at [email protected]