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Thanks a ton for getting the drawings back so fast!- The details you have been drawing are very good. I am very happy with your work.

- Jeffrey Lewis

The drawings are great. Please send us the invoice.

- Samuel Keith

The drafting was also turned around in a very short time which I appreciate very much.

- Denny Lanigan

Excellent work.

- Patrick Irwin

Drawings looked great.

- Adriane Balliet

The sample drawing looks to be fine. I'm happy with the quality provided and will keep your company in mind for drawings conversion / services work...

- Edward Monahan

Once again thank you for your hard work over these last few days. It has helped a lot on our end and we were able to finish the projects on time.

- Chuck Fischer

Thanks for your work on the Jimenez project, it turned out very well.

- Debra Sarokin

3D Rapid Prototyping Company

If you are looking for Rapid Prototyping services, Our Companies group of project managers will provide complete guidance about the various processes of prototyping so that you can achieve exactly what you are seeking. We are proud of its craftsmanship as well as the way it has established itself in various traditional techniques that are having a combination with rapid prototyping technologies. This will help in the construction of each model in a very cost effective manner.

Sample Work:

Rapid Prototyping Sample1

Rapid Prototyping Sample2

Rapid Prototyping Sample1

Rapid Prototyping Sample4

Why Choose Rapid Prototyping?

  • Quick lead times are taken by rapid prototyping
  • Costly mistakes can be decreased because design flaws are detected before manufacturing process
  • This is a very cost effective option

Rapid prototyping is basically a process wherein 3D data is taken and is converted into a physical model in a very short period of time. At Our Company, various rapid prototyping processes are combined so that the best visual and rapid prototypes in the in the industry are produced. Although there are many processes of rapid prototyping, we have utilizes Stereolithography process mainly due to its cost effectiveness and speed.

Rapid Prototyping Applications:

  • Conceptual foam mockups
  • Visual models (working or static)
  • Engineering models
  • Anatomical models
  • Stereolithography (SLA) parts
  • Short run production parts
  • Oversized displays/props

Our Stereolithography services:

This is also known as 3D printing. Through this, Our Company can create solid 3D objects from CAD data in a very short period of time. This is also known as 3D rapid prototyping. This process of rapid prototyping makes use of UV lasers for hardening one layer of resin on a built platform. After the hardening of each layer, there is lowering of the platform by one layer of thickness. There is continuity of process and each subsequent layer is fused to the previous one. After the completion of all layers, the built platform rises and there can be cleaning and removal of the parts.

To known more our about Repid Prototyping please feels free to Contact Us.

Email us any of your queries at [email protected].